Camp Safety Program

In 2012, Dr. Christina Sally began the Summit County Children’s Justice Center where child abuse victims are interviewed in a child-friendly environment and coordinated services are provided to victims, families, and secondary trauma victims.  The Summit County Children’s Justice Center follows similar child advocacy models around the nation. The creation of the Summit County Children’s Justice Center was based on the needs of the community and works with the Utah Attorney General’s Office, Children’s Justice Center Programming.

Recognizing the need to educate children about personal safety, Dr. Christina Sally developed and implemented Camp Safety.  Camp Safety is a unique and lively weeklong (half day) camp addressing a myriad of safety topics for children entering kindergarten and first grade. Importantly, Camp Safety begins the week with anti-bullying strategies which remains thematic throughout the week.  The week encourages cooperative learning through pedestrian and bicycle safety, and fire safety.  One day is devoted to helping children navigate stranger danger and recognizing behaviors of those they know (or the family knows) that may try to hurt them.  Children are taught to identify their private parts and learn those parts belong only to them!  Lastly, campers learn about what to do if lost or separated from trusted adults and what to do if they encounter a weapon (firearm).  Campers identify their trusted adults daily and learn how to tell their trusted adults if something happens, is happening, or happened to them that feels scary, uncomfortable, threatening, manipulative, or confusing.

Camp Safety’s pedagogy is based on years of experience educating young children about staying safe.  Camp Safety is a community program that enlists community partners such as law enforcement, fire department personnel, and teen volunteers.  Each day provides an exciting array of interactive learning activities.  Camp Safety’s success is remarkable with tremendous gratitude from families as it provides a platform for discussing sensitive topics. 

If you would like to learn more about how to bring Camp Safety to your community, please email Dr. Sally at

Please help keep children safe, happy, and informed!